Liisa-Irmelen Liwata

Writing Tool 


video, wood, text

The work deals with the paradoxical relationship between human action and Anthropocene. We, humans, have a long tradition in creating tools - cars, elevators, washing machines - that ease our lives and make it more pleasant. Even though they may have a positive effect in the moment they leave lot of trouble behind. 

The piece contains a wooden sculpture and a subtitled video that shows its making process and instructs how to use it in practice. The wooden sculpture is a tool that makes writing by computer more efficient when one can switch their fingers to the wooden block.  This, of course, does not make writing any easier and the absurdity of it is demonstrated in the video. The shape of the sculpture is bizarre and resembles an ancient tool that an ancestor may have used, which turns the context even more irrational when an ancient tool is used in a modern purpose.

Writing Tool was exhibited as a part of Generation 2020 group exhibition at Amos Rex