Liisa-Irmelen Liwata


ceramics, paper, text
Solar fiction is an invitation to consider the imaginative and experiential aspects of solar-fueled societies. The exhibition brings together artists’ various perspectives, which consider somatic experiences of warmth and light; the loss, creation and desire for companionship; acts of service and care, and imagined alternate modes of being.

The project showcases works from Petra Aaltola, Sara Blosseville, Outimaija Hakala, Jonna Halli, Heidi Holmström, Eeva Juuti, Ala Leresteux, Liisa-Irmelen Liwata, Rasmus Mäkelä, Aaron Purple, Emma Sarpaniemi and Ferdinand Waas. Solar Fiction is curated by Onerva Heikka, Ronya Hirsma, Miklas Hoggard, Amanda Ripatti and Maikki Siuko.

Maalainen is a ceramic piece made with collage-like nerikomi technique that combines familiar human bodies into alien-like undefinable form. The piece reflects topics discussed in the zine Dictionary of Alienation, which includes the two poems A Stranger’s Passport ‘muukalaispassi’ (alien’s passport) and A Person Re-locating to Earth ‘maahanmuuttaja’ (immigrant).

                                                                                                               Maalainen (2021)