Liisa-Irmelen Liwata



ceramics, steel

photos by Aukusti Heinonen
“Maisemissa” works took part of Solar Noon group exhibition curated by Riikka Thitz. More information of the exhibition can be found from

The works represent moments when a being transforms into something else. Moments when the next state of being can be found in the layered sediments. As a fossilised memory of the time when a person became one with the place.

In the works, I have thought about the intertwining of person and place through sliding figures and imprints of stone shapes in clay. The works are made by layering clays of different colours,  reminiscent of the sedimentary layers. Through the interweaving of the forms of person and place, I have been thinking about the cycle of life and decay, where a person slowly merges into a part of the environment. At the end of this cycle, a person becomes small particles everywhere, forever participating in the birth of new life.